My work as a designer spanned re-imagining physical projects as well as digital products and services. Now, instead of designing "for" my clients, I design with you, as a coach and facilitator, and make sure your team and organization has the know-how to do it without me as quickly as possible.  I also teach my approach to facilitation to teams and organizations: deeply collaborative, energetic and democratic.


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Teams struggle with the time and space to do work that matters, beyond the daily grind of keeping up. Innovation often seems like an "extra job" or a burden. A one or two day workshop is a drop in the bucket. It ripples, but can't build the momentum you really want. A focus group leaves you on the other side of a glass wall, not face-to-face with your customers. A five day google-styled sprint sounds awesome, but you could *never* get the time blocked for everyone! And every time you want to make a big impact, you have to hire an outside facilitator!

There's got to be a better way to make space for the work that matters.

Let me help you design a custom innovation cadence that works for your culture and teams. Then, let's build an internal core of expert facilitators. 

Three 2-day workshops over eight weeks works for many companies, but every company is different - let's design a re-usable innovation format that really works for you, maintaining a comfortable cadence of connecting with your customers, testing ideas and launching real innovation that can make work at your organization fun again!

Start Small: A single UnSprint can have tremendous impact on one project and one team. We'll make time to get out of the building and connect with your key customers to build insights.

Test and Learn: Your team will focus their efforts and move from insights to ideas. Then we'll prototype those ideas and share them  with real users, getting real feedback.

Scale Impact: A series of UnSprints can help seed expertise to self-run UnSprints across your organization as we build capacity and know-how in a core team of internal coaches and facilitators.

Fire Me: Grow from in-person facilitation to co-facilitation, empowering your internal facilitators. Shift from co-facilitation to remote coaching. When your core team is humming, fire me! Send pictures from time to time, maybe?


Facilitation bootcamps and masterclasses

The most meta workshop I teach: a workshop about how to craft and lead workshops! Many attendees have talked how they have "made it up as they went along" and never had the time to step back and consider their approach to designing collaborative experiences.  Leadership, transformation and presence are critical skills in this era, and worth getting better at! Offered for the public on occasion.

UX Bootcamps

User Experience Design is something that effects countless aspects of all businesses in our digital age. So everyone from marketing to sales to leadership needs to understand how to frame, test and validate UX assumptions. I've been teaching this workshop for the public with General Assembly for over 3 years, and inside organizations by request.

Design Thinking

There are many, many flavors of design thinking: Those that focus on mindsets and empathy, those that focus on templates and artifacts, cyclical, linear. I've cooked up many design thinking frameworks of my own, to boot! One day intros, two day masterclasses and train-the-trainer programs, I can design a program to suit your team and organizational needs.

Client Testimonials

Bringing in another person into your workflow involves risks and rewards. Below are some thoughts from past clients to help you understand what it feels like to bring me into your organization.

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