The Conversation Factory is my laboratory, where I explore the edges of what I call Conversation Design: the application of Human Centered Design principles and Experience design to human discourse. The quote on my homepage from Martin Buber, 19th Century Jewish philosopher, sums up this approach: "All real living is meeting". We meet each other and communicate in order to accomplish anything and everything. Emails, texting, slack, workshops and conference calls are all just designs (either well designed or not) for focusing conversations. I design workshops and sprints to focus and direct creative work, so it's productive, never diffuse or endless. Meeting and interviewing  talented professionals who design communities, architect products, facilitate negotiations, build agile organizations, build schools and rethink the spaces work actually takes shape in...After one year and 24 episodes, I've learned a lot about how to design conversations in almost any context. Almost enough to write the book on conversation design! 

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