My keynotes break the "chalk and talk" and "sage on the stage" model as quickly as possible. Getting a room of 50 to 150 engaged with the concepts and tools of rapid prototyping, collaboration and communication is going to happen by *doing it*, not just by listening to me talk! Experiential learning is key, and the group will leave with clear frameworks and a powerful, shared vocabulary to keep the buzz going.


Featured Topics

The paper airplane problem

Groups need to master the fundamentals of collaborative communication now more than ever. I teach people to always think about WHY we're making something, WHO it's for and HOW we're going to move forward together using a simple tool: Origami Airplanes.  It's a hands-on, energzing event.

beating default thinking

80% of teams move quickly on their first idea, without considering other options, based on who in the room talks first. If you want your teams to make choices based on data, not power, this session is perfect. A deep meditation on how we create meaning and information, this session requires adequate wall space and sticky notes for all participants.

Rapid prototyping

Making things better, faster...that's the dream, right? can we make sure we're making what people really want without putting it into their hands? Before we've gone too far down the path?

Most organizations think of prototyping in one way only: the most expensive kind. But there are many ways to share ideas with customers and stakeholders that cost only time.  Having a shared vocabulary of the many shades of prototyping in your team and organization is  essential. Mastering visual communication, user empathy and active listening are the skills and mindsets your group will leave with.

Custom content

What's the conversation your team needs to have? That needs to start yesterday? Tell me where your group needs to go and we'll get them thinking and moving in that direction.

Client Testimonials

Bringing in an outside facilitator into your company involves risks and rewards. Below are some thoughts from past clients to help you understand what it feels like to bring me into your organization.

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Talks on the Web

Most of my talks are in the corporate sector, and so, sadly, aren't recorded and posted for posterity! Here are a few samples available on the web:


Experience Design and Systems Thinking

2 hour talk and interactive session in Kuala Lumpur at the week-long launch of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) Part One and Two


User Research Friday: A One day conference on User Research in NYC

The Care and Feeding of Buttons

more about URF and other talks from the session are here