Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.
— Charles Eames

Design is more than how something looks, it's how it works, lives and fits into the lives of people. Not just the people who buy or use whatever it is... but also the people who make it, at all stages. Design of the creative process itself, of meetings, organizations and work, is where design can play today.  The more people we involve in the process, the more the outcome will benefit everyone who has a stake in the outcome.


Give your team a shared vocabulary. Live workshops provide a hands-on, personalized experience to build core skills for your team and organization. Choose off the rack, or customize.


Dynamic, participatory keynotes for conferences and other events blur the line between keynote and workshop. Generate energy and clarity at your next  event.


Either one-on-one or for groups. I offer a more tailored program of insight and extended support in the work of innovation, facilitation and transformation.

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What clients say

Bringing in an outside facilitator into your company doesn't have to be a hard choice. Below are some thoughts from past clients to help you understand what it feels like to bring me into your organization.