I'm dedicated to crafting powerful workshops and transformational learning experiences to help teams work better, together. With better tools, work can be more mindful.

what I offer

Customized to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations



Focus your innovation efforts. Give your team a shared vocabulary.  Education-focused workshops and innovation UnSprints provide a hands-on, personalized experience to build core skills for your team and organization.

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Dynamic, participatory keynotes for conferences and internal events. Blur the line between keynote and workshop - fewer slides and more energy and interaction in a room of any size.

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For Leaders, Facilitators, Product Managers and creative catalysts of all stripes. I offer one-on-one coaching on facilitation, innovation and workshop design.

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Hey there! I'm Daniel, and I design conversations for a living, to help people work together better.  I wear many hats: teacher, workshop leader, coach, mentor, facilitator, writer and always, a designer.

Before getting a Masters in Industrial Design at Pratt in Brooklyn, I got a degree in Physics and did crazy things like manage a secret lab on the roof of the Natural History Museum and lead university research acquisitions outreach for a medical venture fund.

I've been a design strategist, a UX lead and have founded and exited startups. Now, I travel the world teaching design thinking to teams and organizations, helping them be more mindful and intentional at work. 

I believe that design means making things better tomorrow than they are today, and that a *shared* vocabulary of design across your team and organization has  the power to change how you work for the better.

photo by Phillip Van Nostrand

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The Conversation Factory is my laboratory, where I explore the edges of conversation design with leading thinkers in agile, organizational change, the future of work and more.

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All real living is meeting
— Martin Buber